2013-11-05 19:45:36 by Death-Rig

No, infact I'am still very much alive. So far ive been fucking around and letting my newgrounds account go dead and have forgotten why I even started a newgrounds account in the first place: because I can fucking draw.

And after a while, gather some inspiration from the community, my family, and some of my friends, i've been thinking ahead of all the possibility's that can land myself in.

I am a young untrained artist who has alot of ideas and a HORRIBLE way of communicating and expressing them, but hopefully i can kick my own ass and start contributing some ideas to the community.

But for now i still have a lot to learn and a shit ton of time ahead of me, so allow me to say this to those who read, thank you.

If you have any questions just tweet me or whatever.

Happy late halloween, and a have a wonderfull fucking day.



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