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update entry two

2013-04-29 19:25:18 by Death-Rig

Hey guys
So i just posted one of my best drawing that ive ever put on a TV. (in case you don't know i have a Udraw system)
And if its one of the reasons your reading this post, then hit that dam heart in the fu**ing top right corner already.
What im hoping to do is try to make a zone-tan fan drawing but im not exactly sure yet...
Either way im going to continue to draw and sketch as much as possible to satisfy you guys
If you have any requests at all just ask me in the comments
Or send me a private message
Thanks for reading.

update entry one

2013-04-26 19:38:49 by Death-Rig

Hey guys thanks for stopping by to look
So anyway, I've got my sd card and im gonna try to post some art as soon as possible(please don't hesitate to comment rate etc)
But im going through kind of a funk right now.
Don't ask me why im just kind of summed out( basically being a teenager friken sucks as)
But even though im not out there yet, im still going to post some drawings.
But this weekend i might not post as much.
So to anyone that that's reading, i would appreciate it if you can promote my drawings. It would be really really really really really really really really really really really really REALLY... appreciated.
So thanks for reading and i really hope for some more support in the future.
Oh yeah and fuck you too :)

update entry one


2013-04-17 21:03:16 by Death-Rig

Hey guys. I'm new here (go figure) and just want to tell you to prepare....because I'm a firkin amateur so it may be a while to spot some good art from me. any ways I'm 16 years old and I'm hoping to do a lot of art and animation in the future (but for now just art)
the conditions of me posting are this:

*I have a crap load of free time (especially during weekends) so ill be making plenty of drawings.

*At the time I only have u draw studios -_- which means my tools drawings are pretty limited.

*If you have any advice or just some positive comments it would be greatly appreciated.

*I usually work alone, but if you want send me an email and we can collab

*my parents (especially my step dad) are very strict with the internet so if I'm not on keep calm, and find someone else interesting in new grounds {who the hell said you were interesting newb} whatev. -_-

and that's pretty much it. im hoping to see a lot of success in the future. and if not'll be dealing with me for a long while >:)